Public Sector and Government

Jennifer has worked as a government lawyer and advised all tiers of government across various states in Australia. Jennifer has an in-depth understanding of how government works. Her expertise is founded on extensive public sector experience with extensive private sector commercial and transaction experience. This ensures she has the insight and policy understanding to provide the services particular to government.

Her experience includes advising government, and or acting as counsel in litigation in relation to tendering and contracting, procurement, the Australian US Free Trade Agreement (as it related to procurement), public sector employment, coronial investigations, housing and property, contract (including funding agreements, software licence agreements, telecommunications and other IT management agreements, contracts for the supply of gas, and statewide electricity agreements), novation, assignment, indemnity clauses, building and construction disputes, employment disputes and investigations, ministerial inquiries, and intellectual property, preparation of a Contract Management Manual, Retail Tenancies Act, and Powers of Entry under the Public Works Act, investigations under the Public Sector Management Act, commercial leases and commercial insurance, drafting software licence agreements, open source licences, registration and protection of domain names, freedom of information, drafted Communications Protocols for large scale IT tenders.

Jennifer is committed to providing quality, value-added legal service to government and well understands the regulatory and accountability framework in which government operates. Jennifer is effective, personable, and with a broad ranging experience is able to achieve objectives, minimise legal risk, and operate at the highest level in legal practice.


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