DOB 29/1/1959 Died 2018

Missed by a many and very much so by Husband Graeme and children Juliette, Michael and Rohan.


Jennifer Beck was a leading Sydney Barrister, Mediator (IAMA) and Arbitrator (MCArb). She provided a high level of expertise in Litigation and International Commercial Arbitration and Mediation. As well as a litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolutions, Jennifer undertook non-contentious work supplying providing advisory opinions. She practiced in all of the State Supreme Courts, Federal Courts, Local Courts, Fair Work Australia Tribunal, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Land & Environment Court. Jennifer was nationally accredited mediator and a member of the Charted Institute of Arbitrators. She also served as a Judge in the Chinese International Court Competition in China for 7 years and was awarded the Civil Justice Award and the Health Care Excellence Award in 2002 for her work as a Lawyer at King Edward Memorial Hospital in saving lives.




Jen's resting place, under the tree at Wahroonga Park (Picture is looking towards Wahroonga Station)

Video will be updated with an extended version January 2020


Dear Graeme, Juliette, Michael and Rohan, thinking of you and sending our love. Jen has always been a shining light in our lives.

Ro, Ali, Brian and Liz, Vito and families.

I'm thinking of you all at this time and I'm missing Jenny in this world as well. Sending lots of love and good memories of an amazing woman.

Love Felicity


It was such a shock and so very sad to hear that Jenny passed away. Leanne and Jenny and all the Marr family are so much a part of happy childhood and teenage memories.

I'm thinking of you all and your beautiful, energetic, vibrant Jenny. with love and deep sympathy.



Please accept a few words in memory of Jenny, a wonderful mother, a woman of bright cheerfulness and a fantastic Aunt to Ben. All our thoughts and wishes.

Tony Rich


We are deeply sorry to hear about your loss of Auntie Jenny. Thinking about you all during this difficult time. May she live forever in your hearts and minds.

Love from Shelly, Ben, Hilde and family

I'm so sorry to hear the sad news. I recalled the pleasant time when we were in Suzhou in 2016. She always was so kind to people, to students in the competition. I also felt her passion to the nature when we had tour in the city. In one word, I have very good memory with her, please accept my condolence to you and your family and friends.

I also wish you all the best in the future life.Ying Li (China)


On behalf of Maria, myself and the team at Brydens, we offer our sincere condolences to you and your family. Jennifer was a great barrister and dear friend who shared so much of her knowledge with me and helped me grow both personally and professionally. In fact, Jennifer has made me the lawyer I am today.

It was an honour to have been blessed by Jennifer and I will miss her knowledge and laughter.Thank you for your email. It is appreciated although received with great sadness. I trust you and your children will carry on Jennifer’s strength.



It was saddening to learn about Jennifer's demise. May her soul rest in peace. I shared a moot-court bench once with her, who had true processional acumen. I express my felt condolence.

Yubaraj Sangaroula


Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. Jennifer was an inspiration to the students, and she was also an inspiration to fellow judges. She will be remembered and missed by our China Jessup family.

Yours, Joe


I was shocked and saddened thoughts of Jennifer's colleagues on the China Jessup team, in learning of her passing. As well as all of her qualities as a devoted and serious judge that others have attested to, she was also a great friend at each of the competitions, which have a heightened intensity due to a short concentrated stay with the same people, and for many of us, in a distant country.

She was great, terrific fun to be with, both at the competition itself and in the extracurricular social opportunities, and she thoroughly made use of all her time to appreciate not only the administrators, staff, students and judges and all that went into the Jessup competition, but also the local environment, especially the retail environment, of which, in each location, she became a master.

I had some correspondence with Jennifer early this year and was very much anticipating a reunion in Kunming this February. Also, I would like to say a word to you, to say that not only do we (Marcia and I) grieve for your loss, but we also will miss your presence as a spousal supporter (like a few others), and as a great and interesting guy in your own right, always a welcome presence. And, we will miss the annual tales of your children and their progress through life, our thoughts are of them as well, for me it has been almost 10 years of hearing those stories, perhaps even longer for others. Perhaps you would find time in the coming years to stay in touch.

Take care, Mitch.


So sorry to hear the distressing news. Jennifer was a real credit to the Jessup community. I have fond memories of the times we spent on panels together and just talking about life and law.

She will be greatly missed.

Bernie Zimmerman.


We so enjoyed working with her, a bright spirit, and excellent Jessup judge. May her memory be a blessing to you and your family.

Please accept our condolences, Bob and Sue Nusbaum


I am so very sad to hear about the death of your wife and our Jessup colleague, Jennifer. I have warm thoughts of her and our discussions during the many moots in the China Jessup. And I am so pleased to have met you when you both came to the competition. I never know what to say to the aggrieved but, have found during periods of deep grief for a loved one, that poetry and prose helps immensely.

I send you the following which has helped me personally through tough times following the death of a loved one. I found this at a gift shop in an English cathedral and hope it helps ease the pain in your heart.

"If I should die and
leave you here awhile,
Be not like others sore undone,
who keep long vigils
by the silent dust, and weep.
For my sake turn again
to life and smile,
Nerving thy heart
and trembling hand to do,
Something to comfort
other hearts than thine.
Complete these dear
unfinished tasks of mine,
And I, perchance
may therein comfort you."

Do take care, Graeme, and know that you are not alone in your grief. Jennifer will be missed by many of her friends and colleagues.

Hugs, Carol A. Kalinoski


I feel very sad to learn the news which is so sudden that I could hardly believe that it is real. Last year, she told me that she was in the hospital for a surgery. But when I made the announcement of Jessup and did the invitation on October 28 last year, she was among the first to write me back, saying that she would be there again with us. So I thought that she had recovered and got better. But now came the sad news … and so sudden …. It is really very hard to accept the fact that we won't have Jennifer any more in our national round of Jessup.Jennifer came to our Jessup almost at the very beginning. She was in Australia, quite far away from China. But the distance did not keep her away from our Jessup. Every year, she made good efforts to come with Graeme to help us by being a judge, even in difficult time.

For instance, in 2014, the year when the Jessup was held in Shanghai, she had a timing conflict, as she had a conference at the same time as our Jessup. Well, I did not know exactly how, but finally she came and joined the other judges in the bench …. When I talk to her, I could feel clearly that she loved to be with the Chinese students, and she loved to be a judge in our national round of Jessup. It is also clear that in the history of 16 years of our national round of Jessup, Jennifer is one of the judges who have contributed mostly to the event and also to the development of international law in China.

Frankly speaking, I like very much Jennifer's personal characters which are always friendly, direct and transparent. Each time I talked to her, I felt that she was very friendly and never tried to hide her view and thought. Jennifer was the one who dared to love and dared to show her feeling. In one mooting, she loved so much a panelist that she even offered her 100 as scoring …. Well, some students may be very brilliant, but it is no doubt that none of the panelists could be that perfect. But this is Jennifer and this to show Jennifer's personally character which is: she dares to show her feelings. Moreover, while in the penal, she always preferred not to try to show how much she knew, but rather to listen, to ask, to dialogue and to judge the arguments presented by oralists. While being with the students after the competition, she liked to tell them directly what she thought.. It is perhaps because of this kind of personal characters that the Chinese students loved her very much.No doubt, Jennifer is a true friend of Chinese Jessup.

Now, she passed away. But she will be remembered by all of us, especially by the Chinese students who were lucky to have her as a judge in the panel and got assistance from her. In our national round of Jessup next month, at the Closing ceremony when the judges, mooters and coaches are all there, I will propose minutes of silence in memory of Jennifer.Dear Graeme, please accept my sincerely condolence to you and, through you, to her family and friends. Jennifer passed away, but she is always with us.

Best regards, Wenqi


I am deeply distressed to hear the sad news of Jennifer's untimely passing away. I sat on the same bench with Jennifer a few times at China Jessup, and I learned so much from her. I recall that at one time she said, in connection with a remark made by a student counsel that the other side had been "misleading the Court", that it would be taken as a "contempt of the Court" in Australia.

My deepest sympathies to you and her family, and her friends. She will be remembered by us for a long time.

With kind regards,Shinya Murase (Japan)


I just wanted to add my sincere condolences to those you have already received from our China-Jessup family upon the untimely passing of Jennifer. As you will recall, we had the opportunity to chat and socialize on many occasions over the past years. And, I had the pleasure of serving on the same Bench with Jennifer on several occasions. I was always happy when she was there with me as she was a very experienced lawyer and knew how to ask great questions and help to make the session as realistic as possible for the students.

If I had to pick one word to describe Jennifer it would be kindness. She was a very kind person, it showed when she spoke to the students and, of course, as we all socialized together. I believe that human kindness is our most important human quality. I think I can understand something of the pain you must be coming to terms with; my only son passed away by suicide a few years ago. I don't think that the pain of such losses ever goes away, but time, as it slowly passes, does help somewhat.

She will be greatly missed.Please keep my email, in case you ever travel to my part of the World. I had a plan to look you up in Australia if I ever got there. Hopefully, someday.God Bless and take care.

Sincerely, Shackley Raffetto


Our deepest condolences. We are sure Jennifer is peacefully with God now. And she will always be in our loving memories.May God bless the whole family.With sympathy,
Theone Luong, Esq. (NY)
Associate Professor
Tsinghua University, School of Law
Beijing, China


Please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss of Jennifer. Love is there and be sustained. May her rest in peace.

As a teacher in China, I want you to know that Jennifer is remembered by students, though little may be communicated to her before. One of my students told me that she was too nervous to answer questions from judges, frozen, after a century or second, she was comforted by smiles from a judge named Jennifer.

She was encouraged, collected her minds and found answers from the bottom of her brain. Jennifer's smiles, her words helped a young lady on her way to be a professional. Jennifer's contribution to the legal education through academic competitions will never be forgot.

The fragrance stays when the petals of a rose leaves.

Please take care. Jingjing Xie


I wish you could slowly recover from the deep sadness. I did not have the chance to sit with Jennifer on the same bench. But in Suzhou, we had quite some talk on raising children when I had to take my 6 year old son along to the competition. She gave me much encouragement and gave kind praise to the boy, which greatly soothed my nerves of handling young children and competition at the same time.

I was lucky to have met Jennifer in Jessup, and will certainly remember her kindness and advice. Please accept my condolence. May she rest in peace.

Yuhong QIAN


Other work Videos:


International Law and Succession Seminar


Contested Wills Seminar


Contact: Graeme Beck: m: 0411 82 7799

6 Dunbar Cl
Normanhurst NSW 2076


Jennifer Beck BA, LLB (Syd), LLM (Syd) is a leading Sydney Barrister, Mediator (IAMA) and Arbitrator (MCArb)

She provides a high level of expertise in Litigation and International Commercial Arbitration and Mediation. Although accepting Briefs in most areas, her principal areas of practice are:

- Administrative Law

- Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitration, Mediation, Expert Determination)

- Building and Construction Disputes (including Security of Payment Act, and Home Building Act)

- Commercial Law (including Competition and Consumer Law, Contract, Guarantee, Indemnity)

- Corporations Law

- Employment Law

- Environmental Law (including offences against National Parks)

- Insolvency (corporate and personal bankruptcy)

- Intellectual Property

- International Commercial Arbitration

- Medical

- Partnership Disputes

- Property

- Contested Wills (Succession Act, Probate)

- Taxation (Land Tax, Challenging Notice of Assessment)


As well as a litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolutions, Ms. Beck undertakes non-contentious work supplying providing advisory opinions. Ms. Beck practices in all of the State Supreme Courts, Federal Courts, Local Courts, Fair Work Australia Tribunal, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Land & Environment Court.


Jennifer is nationally accredited mediator, having completed her training with the Institute of Mediators and Arbitrators in 2008. Jennifer accepts briefs to act both as counsel in the mediation, or as the mediator.

International Arbitration

Irrespective of which country you are from, or are incorporated in, or have commercial dealings with, Jennifer can guide you through the process. This includes drafting the arbitration agreement and enforcement of the arbitral award.

International Commercial Arbitration has become the preferred alternative to litigation for disputes involving overseas parties. There is a trend towards conducting the arbitrations in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Jennifer is a member of the Charted Institute of Arbitrators and has specialist credentials with that organisation. Jennifer accepts briefs to act both as the counsel for the arbitration, or as the arbitrator.

International Law

Jennifer has served as a Judge in the Chinese International Court Competition for the past 7 years held each year in China.


Ms. Beck has been appointed to the Westpac Industrial Relations Arbitration Panel (2012) and all of the Local Court in New South Wales as an Arbitrator (2014) where she regularly arbitrates commercial disputes in courts as far afield as Muswellbrook and Port Macquarie. Ms. Beck was appointed to the Farm Debt Mediation panel (2013, reappointed in 2016), the Supreme Court of New South Wales mediation panel (2013, reappointed in 2016).


Jennifer completed both her Bachelor of Law degree (1993) and Masters in Law (2007) at Sydney University. She undertook her mediation training at the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators (IAMA) in 2008, and is a nationally accredited mediator (NMAS). Jennifer trained as an Arbitrator through the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and completed the International Commercial Arbitration Certificate in 2010.


Ms. Beck was awarded the Civil Justice Award and the Health Care Excellence Award in 2002 for her work as a Lawyer at King Edward Memorial Hospital. View ABCTV 4 Corners Story.


Ms. Beck has industry experience in defence as a former Flight Lieutenant with the Royal Australian Airforce and has provided lectures in contract, guarantee and indemnity to the Australian Army. She also has Medical experience as a Registered Nurse and worked in Television at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

She has also had ten years experience in both the private and public sectors as a lawyer before being called to the Bar 2008.

This full-service capability and comprehensive experience in all facets of advisory work, dispute resolution and litigation ensures that Jennifer can help you predict, prevent and resolve disputes.

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